Shaping an Automotive Future

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Cybersecurity – A Growth Area

Breaking news in the world of cybersecurity is fast becoming a daily occurrence and increasingly politically prevalent.

Belfast Telegraph, has highlighted that while data breaches are predicted to worsen, the silver lining is the development of a thriving industry, with 100% employment in the cyber security in Northern Ireland.

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European Commission Announce Financial Technology Task Force

European Commission

The European Commission is setting up a Financial Technology Task Force (FTTF) co-chaired by the Director Generals of DG Connect (working to develop the digital single market) and DG FISMA (responsible for initiating and implementing policy in banking and finance).

The announcement follows a presentation on digital transformation from the heads of European banks to EU Commissioners, which highlighted e-identification, data, cloud services, cyber-security, platforms, payments and digital skills as areas of interest.

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