Northern Ireland – Skilled in Cybersecurity

Following the recent WannaCry ransomware attack, reportedly the biggest ransomware outbreak in history, hitting 150 countries – it was thankful news that no firms in Northern Ireland were affected. A recent BBC NI article affirms our belief that Northern Ireland boasts considerable strength in cyber security:

“Invest NI – the region’s business development agency – says Northern Ireland is the number one location in the world for cyber security inward investment and the number one global destination for US cyber security companies with an eye for international expansion.”

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B-Secur Named Gartner Cool Vendor 2017

Gartner - Cool Vendor 2016

“Advances in gesture interfaces, though incremental, are bringing natural human-machine interactions a step closer. Technology strategic planners wanting to differentiate their products must plan for early adoption.”

The summary for Gartner’s report Cool Vendors in Human-Machine Interface, 2017 highlights the advances of the past year, alluding to the truly disruptive technologies that are sure to proliferate the market. Read more

ECG – Next Generation Authentication

B-Secur has developed a unique Electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) biometric technology for user authentication.

The ECG is an electrical signal generated each time the heart beats, known as the PQRST complex. Within this complex waveform exists a myriad of information unique to the individual. Each individual’s waveform will be different to another (inter-variability), like a fingerprint, but more than that, each heartbeat also forms a different signal (intra-variability).

An individual’s ECG is filtered, amplified and processed by an algorithm to allow authentication of a person against a stored profile.

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