Report: Apple’s FaceID to Boost Global Mobile Biometrics Market

Rise in mobile biometrics

Goode Intelligence has updated its Mobile and Wearable Biometric Authentication Market Analysis and Forecasts 2017-2022 to examine the impact of Apple’s FaceID on the market.

It also ups its previous projections for mobile and wearable biometric authentication revenues, from surpassing $6.2 billion in revenues by 2022 to $14.75 billion in the same period, continuing to cite B-Secur as a global player.

Additionally, the updated report forecasts that by 2022 over 1.7 billion devices will have integrated biometric hardware and over 2.1 billion biometric software licenses will be sold.

Report author and founder of Goode Intelligence Alan Goode, said:

The market continues to evolve and the announcement that Apple is replacing Touch ID fingerprint authentication with 3D facial recognition technology for its new flagship model, the iPhone X, is significant.

When Apple announced Touch ID in 2013 it revolutionized consumer biometric authentication and led to an explosion of fingerprint sensors being integrated in almost all new smartphones. We expect that Face ID is likely to be disruptive and to impact the market.


The report still lists B-Secur as a key global player in the biometrics authentication market worldwide.

The report covers:

  • Impact analysis on Apple Face ID facial recognition including its impact on fingerprint sensor integration
  • The emergence of multi-modal biometric authentication
  • The importance of liveness and anti-spoof technologies and how is this being integrated
  • How new smart mobile device design is affecting hardware biometric sensor design and integration

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