Four Biometrics Updates You Need To Know This Week

Biometric technology

The biometrics field continues to develop at an exponential pace, as its applications in a range of industries become apparent.

Here are a few of our favourite articles from the past seven days to keep you up to date with the latest and most interesting developments.

1) Biometrics, Wearable Tech and the Death of the Password?

The Economist this week reported on an interesting study conducted in MIT, looking at where wearables and biometrics meet, to solve increasingly complex password inflation.
The study focused on ballistocardiography, which is the study of body motion in response to their cardiac activity – the results make interesting reading.

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2) The Internet of Things: Tracking the ‘Cross-Everywhere’ Consumer

Another article examining the natural relationship between biometrics and wearables, this time with a marketing application.
eMarketer has produced a report that identifies how wearables, biometrics and the Internet of Things can combine to create rich digital consumer profiles to facilitate personalisation.

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3) Facebook Develops Biometric System for Obscured Faces

Facebook continues to experiment with biometric identification technology, despite persistent legal issues, with the announcement it is developing the technology to identify people in photos even where their faces are obscured.

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4) Europe and North America Dominate 2015 Biometrics Market

Finally, a new report by Frost & Sullivan reveals that Europe and North America are predicted to dominate the 2015 biometrics market.
Additionally, the global biometrics market looks set to grow significantly in both public and commercial applications, as the adoption of biometrics solutions gathers pace.

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What do you think of these updates? Have you spotted any other biometrics news this week we should include? Let us know in the comments.

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