Five Minute Biometric Breakdown: From Rollercoasters to Air Travel

Biometric rollercoaster authentication

As ever, the world of biometrics and its many applications is fast moving. This week several stories caught our eye – read on to get up to speed with the week.

1) Multiple Biometric Authentication with Visa

Speaking at a presentation at the CU InfoSecurity 2017 conference in San Diego, senior director for risk and authentication for Visa, Joseph Pham, described the complexity of authentication in today’s rapidly-changing technological environment, and how emerging authentication could be the answer with biometric markers, physical location, behaviors and contextual data.

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2) Highs and Lows with Biometric Rollercoasters?

New research has revealed an appetite for biometric authentication in theme parks. The study, by theme park software provider Omnico, showed that 85% of respondents wanted AI systems to verify their identities, with fingerprint recognition the most popular marker.

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3) UK Consumers Want Biometrics – Can Banks Deliver?

In collaboration with the University of Oxford, Mastercard has released a study confirming consumer appetite for mobile biometric authentication is “undeniable”, however, the interest of consumers is at odds with the abilities of the banks.

Results of industry and user surveys reveal 93% of consumers would adopt biometric solutions while only 36% of relevant banking executives feel they have adequate experience to deliver.

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4) Defining Future Travel with Biometrics

Could your face be the only security token you need to check in, pass security and board a flight in the future? Biometric technologists believe so.

Demand for biometric security in air travel is growing in both Europe and the US, with facial and fingerprint technology currently leading as a preferred mode.

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5) Are Biometrics Hackproof?

A range of expert responses debate whether biometric authentication methods are as secure as they need to be. With external biometrics becoming mainstream, sophisticated spoofing methods are matching them for proliferation.

Internal biometrics, such as the ECG authentication solutions B-Secur is delivering are providing the security and trust that organisations and their users need.

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