ECG – Next Generation Authentication

B-Secur has developed a unique Electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG) biometric technology for user authentication.

The ECG is an electrical signal generated each time the heart beats, known as the PQRST complex. Within this complex waveform exists a myriad of information unique to the individual. Each individual’s waveform will be different to another (inter-variability), like a fingerprint, but more than that, each heartbeat also forms a different signal (intra-variability).

An individual’s ECG is filtered, amplified and processed by an algorithm to allow authentication of a person against a stored profile.

B-Secur has developed patented sensing, algorithm, security and integration solutions that fit into many current and future commercial applications across multiple industry sectors. These solutions include complex algorithms that allow the indications of a person’s health and wellness state and can be applied as a unique biometric or combined with other biometric modalities.

Benefits of ECG

Internal biometric

An internal biometric (inside the human body) does not have the same vulnerability of being spoofed, stolen or mimicked as with external biometrics such as fingerprints, facial recognition or voice. External biometrics can be seen or heard and leave behind latent copies that can be used to gain access.

Presence detection

An electrocardiogram (ECG) is an inherently ‘live’ signal providing the ultimate presence detection to authentication, the individual needs to be physically present for their identity to be authenticated. This is another benefit of using a “live” signal as part of a dynamic biometric modality, versus static first generation biometric modalities.

Spoofing detection

Even if it were possible to develop the technology to harvest this data, which is difficult to do based on the fact that the biometrics are internal and not publically accessible, then it would not be possible to imitate. As each ECG signal is different, not only between individuals but for the individual, an exact match of the pattern wouldn’t be the normal occurrence, so attempt at imitation would be detected as a spoof.


Expensive sensors aren’t required to pick up the ECG signal – just conductive material, this removes the requirement other modalities have for expensive hardware.


Following a solutions-based strategy, rather than developing products, B-Secur drives a license model as the commercial business plan, offering flexibility, convenience and huge cost savings to customers, building demand across multiple industries, with POCs and commercial agreements in place within Access Control, Health and Wellness (wearables), Mobile, Fintech and Automotive.


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