ECG Biometric Technology and Security Insights – B-Secur in Irish Tech News

Ben Carter, CCO

B-Secur has featured in Irish Tech News, detailing the prospects for ECG biometric authentication and the cybersecurity landscape.

In an interview with Senior Editor Simon Cocking, our Chief Commercial Officer Ben Carter explained how B-Secur’s technology is of huge interest to a progressive and forward thinking US Market, reflecting on time spent in Silicon Valley:

We have been talking to a number of venture capitalists regarding future investment for accelerated growth and scaling. The reception we continue to receive continually  demonstrates to us the interest, demand and excitement around our technology.

Forecasting future applications of the technology, the article picks up on how ECG biometric technology, in particular, is set to disrupt the banking sector in coming years, with endless use cases to impact other sectors:

the potential of the technology to aid automotive security, for building access, airport security and smart wear are clear to us

Discussing the reliability of new cybersecurity measures, Ben details developments in authentication methods and the advantages of internal over external biometrics with data much more difficult to harvest, and with ECG biometrics, each individual heartbeat produces such a unique pattern that any spoofing attempts would be easily detected.

This is another benefit of using a “live” signal as part of a dynamic biometric modality, versus static first generation biometric modalities.

Read the full interview on the Irish Tech News website.


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