Cyber Security Second Biggest Threat to Business, Say UK CEOs

PwC CEO Survey - Cybersecurity

PwC’s 20th CEO Survey has revealed that cybersecurity is a huge concern for UK CEOs, more so than their counterparts globally.

76% of UK CEOs declared cybersecurity to be a threat, second only to the digital skills gap.

That threat seems well founded by the news that a startling 97% of respondents claim to currently be taking action against cyber breaches affecting business information or critical systems, well above the global figure of 90%.

Tim Buchan of Zenith gave some insight into the difficulty of fighting cyber attacks:

“We’re having to invest heavily in our systems solutions. We’re an FCA-regulated business so we’re driven to protect our customers’ data.

“One of the challenges for any business is that this is a budget line that continuously goes out without real outcome. You spend money to protect yourself but you don’t really see an outcome. It’s a P&L line that is essential but doesn’t really deliver future growth for you as a business.”

While it’s important not to oversimplify such a complex issue, biometric authentication could provide invaluable security for organisations and their customers or users.

Alan Foreman, B-Secur CEO believes:

“The only match for the speed, breadth and ubiquity of our increasingly-digitised world is the accompanying sophistication of cyber threats.

“I believe ECG biometric authentication can play a key role in offering the security and convenience organisations need and consumers demand.

“First generation biometrics, such as fingerprint, voice, facial recognition and iris recognition, have taken biometrics into the mainstream but B-Secur’s ECG biometric technology verifies a user’s identity through their unique heartbeat pattern.

“As an internalised biometric, this is very difficult to harvest, spoof or hack. Plus, without the need for expensive and/or complex sensors, we believe ECG biometric can be extremely cost effective and highly scalable.”

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