Multimodal Biometrics – Why Your Heart is Key

Wearable device on wrist

While automated biometric authentication solutions are relatively recent advancements, the desire to identify others by physical attributes is an innate human instinct. We’ve been using faces, voices and gait to distinguish between those we know and those we don’t since our earliest recorded history.

From this, to how our physicality interacts with technology today is an impressive journey.

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Can We Overcome The Biometric Knowledge Gap?

In our last post, Financial IT’s Top 50 FinTech Start-Ups, we discussed the rising interest in biometric technology for protecting payments, with Mastercard leading the field of big brands looking into the prospects. This week, in collaboration with the University of Oxford, Mastercard has released a study confirming consumer appetite for mobile biometric authentication is “undeniable”, however, the interest of consumers is at odds with the abilities of the banks. Read more


Access – How Can We Control It?

When we think about accessibility, we consider the improvement of products, services or environments so that more people can benefit, and quite rightly.

Access Control on the other hand, is controlling access to information or an environment in the interests of security and privacy. We’re all used to access control measures that look to verify our identity to allow us access to data or services, from a password protected email account to the smart card that allows you access to your hotel room or office block.

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