Driving the Connected Car: Biometrics for Personalisation and Security

Connected cars

As connectivity improves, analysts forecast that the number of connected cars will jump by 45% from 2014 to 2020
BI Intelligence

We’re living in a time of unprecedented connectivity.

The advent of mobile and digital technologies has changed how we work, pay bills, access services, consume media and even build relationships. We can do our banking on the move, watch movies and television on demand and even control our home appliances remotely.

But as quickly as connected technologies emerge, so too do the risks and opportunities associated with them. Biometric means of authentication are playing an important role in securing, and even bettering, our connected world.

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B-Insightful: How to Present Effectively

Our Head of Science, Peter Sam Raj, was asked by Candian co-working community Workhaus (which, incidentally, is where our Toronto staff are based!) to provide some actionable advice on how to enhance your public speaking and presentation skills, capabilities which are essential to many individuals in the tech industry:

“The obvious advice on presenting is lots of practice, confident delivery, audience awareness, etc. You need all those to be able to present your company/product effectively. But when I think about what sets a presentation apart and makes it live in the audience’s mind, it is when there is a communication of passion. Presenting your company/product is all about communicating that spark in your eye when you think about your idea – the force that gets you out of bed ready and raring to go every morning. When you can step into someone’s shoes and help them see the romance of the idea in the same way you see it – that, I believe, is special. ”

B-Secur Head of Science
We think so too Peter!

Could Visa Take Biometric Authentication into Mainstream Banking?

Eye scanning

An interesting development in the adoption of biometric authentication this week with the news that Visa has launched a platform that will enable banks and their technology partners to build biometric solutions into their products.

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