Can We Go Beyond Authentication with Biometrics?

Wearable wrist device

TouchID, FaceID and the rise of voice recognition have all helped to bring biometric authentication methods to the fore.

As we become more and more accustomed to connected devices, services and even places, the public appetite for more sophisticated security methods grows.

Apple’s recent release of FaceID on the iPhone X is expected to boost the mobile biometrics market, according to the latest Goode Intelligence report.

The report predicts that by 2022 over 1.7 billion devices will have integrated biometric hardware and over 2.1 billion biometric software licenses will be sold.

UK supermarket Costcutter announced a world-first this week with the news they are trialling payment by vein.

Nick Telford-Reed, director of technology innovation at Worldpay UK said:

Biometric security has become an important part of payment authentication technology in recent years. Our research shows that 69% of consumers would be happy to use their fingerprints as a method of authentication, which has been fuelled by the growth of mobile and contactless payments.

Can We Go Beyond Authentication with Biometrics?

But can biometrics take us further than security?

What we could learn from biometric data could make for some very interesting disruptive new solutions.

One interesting example comes from researchers from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, University of Toledo and Technicolor, who found they can use wearables to monitor changes in an individual’s nervous system in response to external stimuli, working towards identifying the physiology behind our emotions.

The experiment saw researchers able to predict pre-defined emotional states using just physiological data gathered on a wristband.

The possibilities of such research are clear and the results could redefine how organisations and individuals interact, with applications from healthcare to education to commercial businesses.

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