Can We Go Beyond Authentication with Biometrics?

Wearable wrist device

TouchID, FaceID and the rise of voice recognition have all helped to bring biometric authentication methods to the fore.

As we become more and more accustomed to connected devices, services and even places, the public appetite for more sophisticated security methods grows.

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Report: Apple’s FaceID to Boost Global Mobile Biometrics Market

Rise in mobile biometrics

Goode Intelligence has updated its Mobile and Wearable Biometric Authentication Market Analysis and Forecasts 2017-2022 to examine the impact of Apple’s FaceID on the market.

It also ups its previous projections for mobile and wearable biometric authentication revenues, from surpassing $6.2 billion in revenues by 2022 to $14.75 billion in the same period, continuing to cite B-Secur as a global player.

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FaceID: Moving the Needle on Mainstream Biometric Trust?

Person using iPhone X FaceID

This week saw a much-hyped tech launch with the release of the iPhone X.

For us, the event marked an important step forward in biometric authentication adoption in the form of FaceID.

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