Biometrics Contributing to Growth of Access Control Market

Biometric office access controls

The access control market is growing as new innovations emerge, including advancements in biometric authentication, and IoT integration.

One of the most common reasons businesses are subject to data breaches is due to ineffective access control, vital as a measure to prevent confidential data loss to hackers, but also when businesses are increasingly undergoing transformational changes in structures and processes and with new or shifting staff.

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Cybersecurity – A Growth Area

Breaking news in the world of cybersecurity is fast becoming a daily occurrence and increasingly politically prevalent.

Belfast Telegraph, has highlighted that while data breaches are predicted to worsen, the silver lining is the development of a thriving industry, with 100% employment in the cyber security in Northern Ireland.

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B-Secur LTD Announced as FStech Awards Finalist

B-Secur LTD is shortlisted in two categories for this year’s FStech Awards, Most Disruptive Financial Sector Technology and FinTech Start Up of the Year.

B-Secur is a next generation biometric company, and has developed a unique Electrocardiogram (ECG) biometric technology solution that can be embedded into others’ products and devices and is potentially more secure, convenient and cost-effective than PINs / Passwords or first generation biometrics for user authentication. B-Secur utilises a person’s unique heartbeat electrical wave that is filtered, amplified and processed by an algorithm to allow authentication of a person against a stored profile. This has many direct commercial applications or combined with other biometric modalities

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