Innovation, Growth and Prosperity in a World of Disruption

London skyline

Monday saw the annual CBI Conference take place in London exploring the theme of Innovation, Growth and Prosperity in a World of Disruption, with a mix of speakers from business, politics and the media addressing pressing issues.

Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn MP, Leader of HM Opposition delivered a keynote address that outlined the prospects of the fourth industrial revolution, supporting a ‘New Britain’ that would be

“powered by the internet of things and big data to develop cyber-physical systems and smart factories”

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European Commission Announce Financial Technology Task Force

European Commission

The European Commission is setting up a Financial Technology Task Force (FTTF) co-chaired by the Director Generals of DG Connect (working to develop the digital single market) and DG FISMA (responsible for initiating and implementing policy in banking and finance).

The announcement follows a presentation on digital transformation from the heads of European banks to EU Commissioners, which highlighted e-identification, data, cloud services, cyber-security, platforms, payments and digital skills as areas of interest.

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The Increasing Popularity of Biometric Authentication

payment by facial recognition

Consumers are becoming more comfortable with using biometric authentication methods, if the increase in uptake is anything to go by.

Yesterday, Deloitte Australia published the findings of their Mobile Consumer Survey 2016 which revealed one in three smartphones now incorporate a fingerprint scanner and predicted users will be accessing as many as 200 online accounts by 2020.

The increasing implementation of fingerprint biometrics is no surprise as it offers a simple one-step solution to the problem of remembering a vast array of pin codes and passwords.

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