Airlines Increasing Investment in Biometric Technology

A group of people walking through an Airport Terminal

With the high-level security offered by biometric technology, it is no surprise that airports all over the world are itching to implement it.

SITA’s Airline IT Trends Survey 2016 reports a 37% increase in the priority levels of IT security, with a third of the top 200 carriers surveyed revealing that they are looking to invest in single biometric travel token projects.

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Why Integration is Key for ECG Authentication – B-Secur in Silicon Republic

ECG authentication monitor

When it comes to next generation biometric authentication such as ECG, it’s difficult to deny the security of external biometrics, but often the perceived difficulty of purchasing and implementing new hardware can seem off-putting.

In this great interview with leading tech publication Silicon Republic, B-Secur CTO Adrian Condon explains why our solution is designed to integrate with legacy infrastructure, why incentivising teams is as important as the tech and what’s next for B-Secur.

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