Your Five Minute Fintech and Biometrics Digest

Where fintech and biometrics meet

With so many convergences between the worlds of biometric authentication and fintech, we thought it would be a good week to round up some recent articles that sum up what’s happening in the worlds of digital security and financial technology innovation.

From a growing biometrics security market to a new potential Euorpean fintech investment hub, it’s a dynamic time.

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Why Fintechs Are Succeeding Where Traditional Financial Services Are Failing

Businesses using fintech

As alternative financial service providers become more mainstream and the concept of fintech goes global, it can be difficult to cut through the noise and understand what the impact of the challenge to traditional financial institutions truly is.

A new global fintech report from PwC attempts to answer this question and reveals that not only is fintech reshaping the financial services world as we know it, but that fintechs are succeeding where traditional providers are failing.

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RSA Conference 2016: What We Learned About Security in a Digital World

RSA Conference logo

As our digital world grows and becomes more connected, so too does our need to strengthen and evolve our cyber security options.

At B-Secur, we believe that biometric authentication is a huge part of the answer to the question of how we embrace all the benefits of connectivity while mitigating the associated risks.

That’s why we were enthused to spend the week in San Francisco, attending the annual RSA Conference, taking inspiration from great businesses in Silicon Valley and meeting with other tech startups.

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