A Week in Biometrics and Security

Biometric security in banking

It’s time for our regular roundup on the world of biometrics, mobile payments and security. Developments are moving fast, so we’ve chosen a few of our top updates of the past week or so, to help you keep up.

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How Biometrics Can Secure the Heart of Your Business

Protect the heart of your business with B-Secur

The proliferation in mobile technology has fundamentally changed the way we work and live at incredible speed, in a short space of time.

It’s estimated that by 2020, we could be seeing up to 75 million devices connected to the Internet.

Consumers have more choice, information and power in their hands than ever before, making important purchasing decisions long before their interactions with businesses.

To keep up, businesses must innovate to deliver the sleek, mobile experiences that customers demand.

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