Four Examples of Big Business Adopting Biometrics

Mobile payments and biometrics

Recent research revealed that the global biometrics technology market will reach $22bn by 2020. This is a significant projection and indicates just how quickly biometrics technology is being adopted into the mainstream, and how its scope to change industries is widening as customers become more comfortable with the concept.

At this important time, we thought we’d share some interesting biometrics applications from big businesses and organisations.

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The Best Reads from Ireland’s Fintech Week

Dublin, Fintech Capital

It’s been one of our favourite weeks of the summer so far, thanks to Silicon Republic’s Fintech Week. We’re delighted to have received a few mentions in their coverage, but more importantly, it’s been truly exciting to see the growth and potential of the fintech industry in Ireland.

We’ve rounded up a few key articles from the week that should give you an idea of just how important fintech innovation is becoming, in Ireland and beyond.

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What Does Fintech Mean for the Banking Industry?

We might be a little biased in writing this…but we think that fintech is fast becoming a major disruptor to the financial services industry.

From smoother transactions to better security to traditional finance alternatives, it’s clear every aspect of banking as we know it is facing a challenge.

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